Bioinformatics")?> Advances in experimental techniques have revolutionized the life sciences. Instead of merely describing phenomenological observations we are now in a position to begin to systematically analyze molecular mechanisms of many biological processes. This is partly due to the availability of the entire human genome sequence. The amount of DNA and Protein Sequences freely accessible in public databases is exponentially growing; today sequencing is not going on in small labs anymore, but in dedicated ,,Sequencing Factories``.

Bioinformatics is a new, independent, interdisciplinary research area, in which methods from mathematics, computer sciences and statistics play a crucial rule. One goal is to drive forward experimental techniques to lower costs - for example for the human genome project. This is done in close dialog with biologists, including biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics knowledge. On the other hand, answering the relevant biological questions must be made possible by new approaches to data analysis and modelling. Projects")?>

Finished Projects")?> Interest Group")?> The Bioinformatics Interest Group BIG is a loose group of employees of scientific and commercial institutions in the bioinformatics field. A key concern is to build scientific networks in the Cologne/Bonn region. To do so, meetings are held at regular intervals. Additionaly, two mailing lists have been created.

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