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Welcome to the homepage of DMANET, an electronic news and research network for discrete mathematics and algorithms with about 1900 members worldwide. DMANET is maintained by the Computer Science Department of the University of Cologne in Cologne, Germany.

The scope of the DMA-newsletter includes the mathematical analysis of discrete structures as well as the design of discrete algorithms and their applications in operations research, computer science and engineering.

In particular, DMANET tries to address researchers and practitioners working in the following areas (in a wide sense):

DMANET spreads information on conferences, workshops, seminars etc. relating to discrete mathematics and algorithms. It is also meant to be a forum for questions regarding on-going research.

One may announce new preprints and books on DMANET. There is furthermore room for advertising employment opportunities.

Please keep in mind that only messages from a subscriber's current subscription email address are not discarded automatically to reduce the amount of spam to be moderated.

Due to the digest option, it is only possible to post plain-text.

Please post your messages exactly as you want it to appear on the list, including an appropriate subject.

For further informations on how to post to DMANET, please read this.