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98-338 P. OERTEL, C. GAWRON, S. KRAUSS, F. P¨UTSCH, C. R¨OSSEL, P. WAGNER: The PlanSim-Traffic Simulation

98-337 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER, T. FLEINER, M. LAURENT, M. LOEBL: Cycle Bases for Lattices of Matroids with no Fano Dual Minor and their One-element Extensions

98-336 S. P. FEKETE, J. TEICH, J. SCHEPERS: Optimizing Dynamic Hardware Reconfigurations

98-335 E. DAHLHAUS: Minimal Elimination Orderings for Planar Graphs

98-332 S. P. FEKETE, O. BASTERT: Geometric Wire Routing

98-330 S. P. FEKETE, H. MEIJER: On Maximum Matchings and Minimum Steiner Stars

98-325 E. DAHLHAUS: Linear Time Algorithm to Recognize Clustered Planar Graphs and its Parallelization

98-324 E. DAHLHAUS: Parallel Algorithms for Hierarchical Clustering and Applications to Split Decomposition and Parity Graph Recognition

98-315 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER, M. LOEBL: Bases of Cocycle Lattices and Submatrices of a Hadamard Matrix

97-312 S. P. FEKETE: Geometric Ideas for Graph Representation and for Cooperative Game Theory

97-305 S. KRAUSS: Towards a Unified View of Microscopic Traffic Flow Theories

97-295 R. SCHRADER, B. KNAB, I. WEBER, K. WEINBRECHT, B. WICHERN: Ein Mesoskopisches Simulationsmodell zur Kollektivfortschreibung

97-294 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER: Duality in Combinatorial Optimization - Sometimes it Works, Sometimes it Won`t

97-286 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER, J. NESETRIL: Menger`s Theorem as Morphism Duality

97-283 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER, A. HAMACHER, C. MOLL: Tree Partitioning under Constraints - Clustering for Vehicle Routing Problems

97-279 F. BROCKNERS: Bulk Multicast Data Transfer - Towards the Integration of FEC and ARQ using a lightweight Feedback Control Tree

97-277 C. MOLL, U. HEINRICHS: On the Scheduling of One-dimensional Transport Systems

97-274 B. STECKEMETZ: Neighbor Features for fast Teach-In of Color Image Sequences

97-272 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER: About the Tic-Tac-Toe Matroid

97-266 S. P. FEKETE, M. SCHMITT: Traveling Salesmen in the Age of Competition

97-256 S. P. FEKETE: Area Optimization of simple Polygons

97-255 S. P. FEKETE, J. S. B. MITCHELL, E. M. ARKIN: Approximation Algorithms for Lawn Mowing and Milling

97-253 S. P. FEKETE, H. MEIJER, G. ROTE, M. HOULE, S. WHITESIDES, P. BOSE, H. EVERETT, A. LUBIW, K. ROMANIK, T. SHERMER, C. ZELLE: On a Visibility Representation for Graphs in three Dimensions

99-342 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER, U. BLASUM, P. OERTEL: Steiner-Diagrams

99-343 W. HOCHSTÄTTLER, J. NESETRIL: A Note on MaxFlow-MinCut and Homomorphic Equivalence in Matroids

Y. CHEN, R. KANNAN, A. NOLTE: Clustering in high Dimensions

DYER, R. KANNAN, A. NOLTE, L. STOUGIE: Two Stage Stochastic Programming

R. KANNAN, A. NOLTE: Optimizing over up-monotone Sets

M. Y. KAO, A. NOLTE: Portfolio Optimization

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