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University of Cologne

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  • Alexander Apke

  • Toni Böhnlein

  • Jun-Gyu Kim

  • Roland Mainka

  • Andrea Oversberg

  • Fabian Senger

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FRICO 2015 (Cologne)

FRICO 2015

This is a list of some hotels and hostels that are within walking distance of the workshop (max. 20 min).

At the "Conti Hotel" we booked a contingent of 20 rooms. If you choose the "Conti" and book until July 20th, please enter the key word "frico 2015" in the comments field during the booking process. Then you'll get a discount and you'll only pay 58 € p.P./night. After July 20th or as soon as the contigent of 20 rooms is expendend, the price will be regular.



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